Most Joyful Day

Oct 29, 2019

My grandson got into an accident. He entered a coma for 15 days. I was really sad. I thought he was not going to live because he wasn’t waking up. Later, my daughter called me and told me my grandson was good. I was also afraid because we didn’t have insurance in Puerto Rico. My grandson had a lot of fractures. Right now, I’m crying tears of happiness because he’s good, thanks to God.

I was really worried because my daughter was next to him, crying, being with him for those 15 days. I was worried also for my daughter because she wasn’t eating or drinking anything, just crying, crying. this happened this year, in July.

We are waiting for his bones to get better so we can take out the clamps. He was doing supply, so he broke his leg. When he was doing the supplying, the guy was supposed to hold the thing, didn’t hold it. So my grandson crashed into the wall. The doctor said if he was going straight into the wall, his chest would have hit and he would have died. But he had twisted sideways in time.

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