Most Joyful Day

Oct 29, 2019

I’ve been married twice. First husband got some issues with women. My second… well, my first husband, when we got our divorce I said, “Thank you! God, send me somebody.” I gave him specifications. When he left, he tried to come back but he didn’t come back right. But I met someone and he was all the specifications that I asked God for, the Lord for. So, I know God’s… he working. He works in mysterious ways. But that was my joyous occasion when I met my second husband. And how we met, we both worked for Chase and he happened to notice me and I noticed him. Eventually, we went on a date and when I met him I said, “Oh this is such a joyous… just to be in a company of someone who respects you, and values your opinion, and you could communicate,” so forth.

We got together and we got to a point where we was working at the same table across from each other. We see each other every day. That was my second job because leaving a ex with old bills and stuff, so had to get a second job. I got that and we hooked up and eventually,

We got married. We didn’t have no children because it was later in life. I already had two kids, two boys. Only men is in my house. Where’s my bobby pins? And that was my joyous occasion, meeting my husband that I’m with now. We’ve been together for about 26 years.


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