Most Joyful Day

Oct 29, 2019

But we all about the same, you know, my two sons, that date. And I was like her, I wanted girls too, but I didn’t have girls, so I had grand-girls, granddaughters. And like she say, giving birth, I gave birth down South, so I didn’t have a doctor. I had a midwife. I had a lady that gave birth on my son, so that was a, it’s a pride, it’s something that you go through as far as came out your body that you gave life to- and your grandkids, it’s a love that’s part of you too. And you can kind of spoil them an extra little bit because you can send them home, but yours…you could do a lot of things with them that you probably didn’t do with your own kids a lot of times, give more attention, a little bit more because a lot of us had kids behind kids, so that took a lot of energy and stuff. And a lot of us older now we can take time with our granddaughter and listen.

Getting my own apartment, that was a joyful day. Getting my first apartment on my own by myself with my two sons. Stole the milestones there, yes I did. Oh, I was so happy, I didn’t know what to do. Because I could do the dishes when I got ready, I can clean up when I get ready, nobody got to tell me what to do. I was on my own… My own responsibility, but I was already responsible anyway because I’ve been on my own since I was young. Trying to take care of things because we was raised down South, you had to take care of things as a girl anyway. So that’s all we knew how to take care of kids and survive. So I know how to survive and I know how to take care of a family.

So I took care of the foster kids, took care of 17 foster kids out of my life. And they all- I remember her too. And they all went home to their parents. So thank God I never had one come back in the system again. So, out of my life.

So why did you choose to be a foster parent?

My son, they was going to the classes and I always liked to take care of kids anyway, because I used to take care of my girlfriend, her kids, while they work. You work, I take care of the kids, you move on, you grab the next person and they didn’t charge you that much for you to better your life. That’s how we did. So when I became a foster mom, I knew that was my calling. So I would never separate a kid. I always took their sisters and their brothers. So out of my 67 years of life, I had 17 altogether. So I retired three years ago. My last two kids and that was it.

They stayed with me. They visited they mom, to the system, but I was working too. I was a home attendant, so I took care of sick patients too. So I’d foster mom, home attendant and all that. But they saw they mom, but I had to keep them until they mom got well because a lot of them are drug addicts. Some of them was abused, all the kids coming to you abuse or on drugs or something. So you have to do a lot of running, a lot of special doctors you have to take them to. But I did a good job, I took good care of the kids. They came, I took care of them before I took care of myself. And everybody knows me around here know that I always took care of those foster kids.

Do those 17 kids come back to visit you?

Some of them does, some of them you have to let go because it’s interfere, you know and you don’t want to interfere…Right. You get attached. But one that Betty helped me with is Ashley, she was mentally delayed. So I had to get the proper help for her to open that brain up, unlock that mental attitude like she had. So I had her for nine years and today she can speak, run, talk, everything else. But I promised God that I would make her talk before she leave me because I didn’t want nobody to abuse her and she couldn’t say nothing. But before she left, she was talking, walking, tell somebody to touch her, anything. So, I did my job.

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