Most Joyful Day

Oct 29, 2019

I think it was when I was, when I became a mother. First time. Yeah, it was like surprise in life. I thought I was ready. I thought I was so ready to be a mother, but when she came and I see she was being a pain in the neck … four of them… my older one was the one that always, gave me a hard time, still does. But it was a joy for me because I was expecting, I thought I was ready to be a mother.

My husband went to the Navy. He was in the Navy so he would come, deposit and leave. It was six years depositing and leaving and he left me four. So, well, every time that he would come back I was like ready to … I was raising them now almost by myself. So it was joy because I had them, but it wasn’t joy to raise them.

But then when I became a grandmother, not with the first two grandchildren, it wasn’t that bad because my daughter, my second daughter became pregnant young, so she became emancipated as soon as she left the house with the babies. So I didn’t get to bond with them that much. But with my daughter, the headache, the one that give me headache. She had the hardest when she was 19, the first one, and every two years she would have more. But then that was when I saw that the really joyful being a grandmother because I fell in love with it and I still in love with them. I still in love with them. I said, “Hey brothers”, and they go, but they still, and I still stuck with them.

Yes, yeah. It’s a different love. You love them. It’s not that you love them more, it’s just that you are older and you’ll be able to understand that more. You’ll be able to bond with them more than with your kid because, sometimes you can’t say it’s like, you know, they’ve, whatever you say they think that I didn’t know, but they know better. And with a grand kid you could be able to explain to them things more and give them they are by the love or the understanding that you didn’t do to your kids. So that’s, I think being a grandmother, it’s more joyful to be, even though they didn’t get away from me.