Most Joyful Day

That’s difficult! I guess my most happy day was when my mother came home from teacher’s college and I knew she was going to be there with us after that. Teacher’s college felt like a long time. She finally came back for us. We were raised by our grandmother. It was a wonderful life and all that, but you want your mother. She was a wonderful mother. She was wonderful to everybody. She would teach older people at night. So that people wouldn’t take their money from them. She taught them how to read and write. Basic skills. She taught them in a church. She taught us, me and my siblings, helped us when we needed it. Some people say that their mother’s are better than others, but the best mother I know, was my mother! Every program that came up, that’d be my speech. I appreciated her, I certainly did. My father was alright, my aunts and uncles, they were nice. But nothing came before my mother.

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