Most Joyful

I’m trying to think. I’ve had a lot of joyful days. My most joyful day, when I found out about Jesus and how to live for him. I was really kind of young, 13, 14. It’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me. It makes life better not to worry about anything. I would say, if you trust him, he’ll take care of you. He takes care of me no matter what I did. I always excel because he takes care of me. Nothing because of me, but because of Christ in my life. That’s the greatest joy I’ve had with everything. Everything that seemed like a big risk always turned out to be really great.

And it’s still that way, regardless of sitting in this chair, we spend time doing a lot of things we may not like, but it’s all about growth, so sitting in this chair doesn’t bother me. Well, I’m going to get a little tired sometimes.

I discovered Jesus through my grandmother first. And then going to church when one of the pastors from where I was born, he brought us in New York when I was three and we started going to his church. It’s on Utica and Fulton street when I was 13, 14. And then a lot of family was there from the South where I was born, a lot of people from here. I was 10 and the church next door to where we lived on Ralph Avenue, Baptist church. They said, “They have summer school, Bible summer school. Would you like to come?” “Sure.” I excelled really well. Even though my grandmother taught me, I had places in time to go where I learned more and more each day and it makes it easy for my living no matter what I go through.

No matter what, I’m heaven bound. Can’t be lying. I make jokes, but my jokes are very innocent.