Most Memorable Celebration

Feb 17, 2020

My wedding! We had the wedding catered. My mother made the wedding cake. A wedding like you’ve never seen before! It would be the first wedding and the last wedding, because how many weddings can you have? My first wedding, I got married in a house. The most beautiful house. Very rich, very rich. Austen Parkway.

He was very courteous. He always opened the door for me. He had a beautiful car. But Murray was more down to earth. He didn’t have to open doors. He was a singer. I used to sing with him. Nursing homes. Until I had my heart attack and lost my voice, but I still sing now and then. More now or more then.

Life isn’t so sweet. You can’t have everything. I go to five churches and I’m Jewish. What is it matter if you’re Jewish? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.

I’ll never get married again. I was married for 45 years. 45 years to one person. Oh, I’ve had romances. Plenty. But not like Murray. Murray Ulin.