Most Memorable Celebration

Feb 17, 2020

Well when I went to the other side of exile, I was in company. And they were very nice people, Europeans and mixed company. When they ready to have their parties, they had the bridge game, one week this house, next week the other one’s house. And then they’re ready to have a family party with some of their friends, big weddings and what not. They cater. And so, they will say, to me and the other girl she said, “Well we going to make a part, make the frankfurters in blankets and beer.”

So they roll it, the dough, into the blanket. You put the franks in the beer, then wrap it. Pigs in blanket. That’s going to be the hors d’oeuvres, the simple platter and with early on, what you’re going to serve to them.

And sloppy joes. And they have their liquor. It was champagne or scotch. I had to order flowers and make the house look nice. And then, the big dinner. And then, wine and dining. But there was a different folks. Different folks than I. And when they ready to come to New York, they need a car home, fly, nightlife, theater world and what not.

People were coming from the different parts of the United States. They come to New York, they go to the nightlife, maybe a theater, a theater show, live theater. And then, might go partying and they might have a nice dinner.

They were paying them money. This is after the Seder. They have all this big, big supper.

They have their big party. Their friends. Some of the family but mostly their friends. They have their big party but faded. And it turned out to be nice.

Yes, the Seder, we had, everything had to be done perfectly. Tablecloths, silver, ironed the left side to the right side, everything had to be done perfect. The silverware: take out, clean with a cream. Everything had to be done so. Sometimes it’d work out nice. I served the Seder. I catered it.

And cake. Strawberry shortcake. You weren’t allowed to buy that, but they’d get the fresh strawberries and you get the plain layer of cake and the whipped cream. You’d make it yourself and serve it nice. And then the prayer and the prayer books. And they favored turkey. Roast beef was rare, but it worked out nice.

But it’s hard work. You had to get it together. And then, after that the little girl. She nice and has a mind though. She, what do you call, she was set in her ways. Spoiled. Set in her ways, only child. What are you going to do? Maybe their child would go next door, play with the Italian children. It was too darned quiet for me, countryside, the mountains.

And then, they used to go to New York, come to New York. Look, they bring the money. New York gets richer from the other state.

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