Most Memorable Celebration

Feb 17, 2020

I was inspired this picture, the one of the gay black man, the one with the shirt that says “I am Drag Queen,” and he looks like he’s having a really great time. Anyway, I started going to the Gay Rights March. I don’t know what it’s called now because I don’t go there anymore. The Gay Pride March.

And I used to always march with either Brooklyn Women’s Martial Arts, Lesbian Herstory Archives, or a Jewish lesbian group or something like that.

But—and this is the “but”—I was there once, I don’t know what year it was. And this guy, he was a gay man and he was dancing on this stage to “Turn This Beat Around.” And the way he moved, it was one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life. It was great. This guy was great. And I realized you know what. And you know what I realized? I like to be with the disco float. I know I was supposed to be associated with all these different groups but my favorite thing was everybody on the disco float and dancing. The float’s moving and you could dance along with it.

So that was my favorite. Actually, you know God help me because you know just iron out out the lesbian feminist separatist crap, and you know what I like? It’s mostly the gay boys. The gay boys on the disco float and me just walking along and having a good time.

The next thing that was the most memorable celebration for me my ex girlfriend Kim and I we went to a concert at the band show in Brooklyn. It’s it’s in Prospect Park. They had a Sufi Rock Group.

I’m not know OK they’re religious people from India or something like that and what they do is they whirl around like they think they’re really into it like they call the whirling dervishes but they dance and they whirl and it’s a religious thing.

It’s like to God. So so I can’t I’m not going to describe all their belief systems but that’s what they’re known for.

They wear special clothes and are ecstatic for God through whirling and dancing. But this was a Sufi Rock Group. And it was I think like four guys or whatever and it was wild. I mean it was just a wild combination of sound and movement and whatever. And we were there. And then it started really raining and they have these metal chairs that the band shell and people started rushing out because it was raining. But–Kim and I–we got up on the chairs and we like let it pour down on us and they still were playing and I’m telling you: It was ecstatic.

Between the rain coming down, Kim and I being together, and you know, just all of it and the Sufi Rock, which was wild and wonderful. It was one of the greatest moments I had and that was the celebration, you know. It was really nice. And when I say Kim and I, it was nice because I do those things. It was nice that she did those things too.

First of all I haven’t done anything like this since I was 18 but between 9 and 18, forget it. you can forget it.

But anyway I just remember with this one time and this wasn’t a celebration it was a memorable like moment. I was that my friend Frita’s house. She was my best friend. She was my best friend right. We were teenagers.

She was my best friend. She had a brother Ira. And he couldn’t hear for the most part.

So we used to bring him to the league of hard of hearing. So I was close to him. And she was my best friend, so I was close to family. And for some reason they used the basement for everything, so we were in the basement and I got really ripped. I got really stoned. I’m sorry but I did.

And I went into the bathroom. And II couldn’t get up. I was swinging my arms back and forth like this. And I was laughing. I was laughing and I was swinging in the bathroom and all of a sudden, her brother, her poor innocent little brother, he opens up the door and sees me swinging and laughing. He never told his parents anything that he saw. He was so sweet.

It was hysterical. It was very funny. Ira saw everything that he did, but he was loyal to Frita and me. He never told his parents what we did.