Movie Theatre Experience at Home

October 15, 2020

Not so much a campfire setting, but in our parent’s back yard, because they had 13 children, as I mentioned last week. So we would do the sticks and marshmallows. Daddy would build a small pit fire for us, and we would sit around there and tell stories all night. And then we’d watch horror movies, you know, with Bela Lugosi and Dracula the rest of the night. So we had a Friday night you know …. wonderful, wonderful time with my mom and dad.

We set up the living room like a theater with the chairs. We did taffy and we pulled that through the rooms. And my brother said, “Don’t get the cat hair on the taffy.” It was a lot of fun.

Some of the stories I remember that I would tell were … my brother and my sisters would tell stories about our childhood and what happened when we went to the movies together.

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