My Amphibian and Reptile Friends

November 12, 2020

I do remember three reptiles I had that were dear to me, and two of them were frogs. Green tree frogs which I actually captured off of my grandma’s geranium plant. They love the leaves. But I named the first frog Pip Squeak. And I named the second frog Condidly Hop. So, Pip Squeak and Condidly Hop were my little frog friends for a long time, and I had them in the aquarium and I had to work really hard to feed them because they eat live flies.

So, I had to go out with my net that I made and catch flies. And then somehow get those little flies into the jar where the frogs were. And they’d be flying around. Then it was really fun to watch their little sticky tongues come flipping out, and then grab ahold of the fly. Because I’m glad I wasn’t the fly because then, you know, curtains for them. But it was fun watching them because it was just in a blink of an eye that they get these flies. They’re really fast if you ever watched them. And I used to raise frogs from tadpoles. I’d feed them lettuce and they’d grow legs and become frogs.

Frogs, really I was into that for a while. And then the other reptile I had that I was very fond of me was Sam. He was a small alligator, a baby alligator. And of course, he was starting to get too big for my aquarium. I could just have horror feelings of thoughts about him being in the bathtub after a while. Because that means nobody could take a bath because he’d be in there. And he got so that I had to feed him live goldfish. That was kind of tough.

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