Home is a Garden

I dedicate my story to the memory of my mother-in-law, who is my floral mentor of those 40 years. 

I am currently living in New Hampshire where the majority of the local residents have also moved from some other state.
That puts us all on equal footing. While living in New York for the last 40 years, I sailed the Hudson River. I now sail from garden to garden mentoring middle school-aged youth.

“Golden rays of the sunrise stream through my windows. A neighbor’s rooster crows unceasingly as he struts back and forth. The birds join in chirping an hour later. The house retains the sun’s warmth. Summer temperatures are toying with the idea of sticking around but cool nights happen.”

“Wait until Memorial Day to permanently plant outside gardens” is the advice given to residents in the New England states. Beware: any vegetation purchased in early May still needs covering on nights predicted with below freezing temperatures. Arranged temporarily in their anticipated locations, the newly acquired perennials await their permanent assignments. Scallions, Egyptian onions and chives command the northeast corner. White and pink shade plants contrasting with the dark maroon house paint will outline the west facing facade. Ascending wooden steps on the south side are currently lined with pots brimming with an abundance of herbs – greeting you when arriving for a visit.

As they increase in height a casual brush of a passing hand will deposit plant oils, that – when sniffed – transports the receiver to heavenly heights. While passing the chocolate mint and lemon balm, say hello to parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Please come and linger amongst my fragrant companions.

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