My first date

Oct 22, 2019

Specifically, the first date, first date as far as I remember, it was a barn dance, this young man asked me to go. So the grandmother said yes, because she had to be there. It was at Smalls Paradise, a nightclub. I won a contest for dancing. I don’t know if you guys know about the Boston Monkey? Yeah, I used to swing them little, excuse me, “assets” I had. And the legs was about two thumbs big. And I had stockings, back then we had garters that you clip onto the stockings, and I had the ring around them little boney legs.

But you know it was nice and then after the dance he said “Can I call you?” My grandmother said ‘no.’ So, you know, we used to see each other in school and that was about it, because they already had gave me the talk. “You come in here with a baby, you know what’s going to happen, I’ll send you to the moon.” I said “Don’t worry about that.”

But that was it, the first date was all right. It wasn’t no love thing, it was just like she said, puppy love, infatuation. Innocent. It wasn’t nothing big.

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