My First Date

Oct 22, 2019

There’s two parts to this story. What was your first date like? First date, I was in junior high school. My girlfriend brought that met. I was shy and very introverted, like, I didn’t talk a lot until I got to know you, you know? But he made me feel… respected me and we used to go out to movies and baseball games and so it was like that because my mother, but like hers, like they were very strict back in the days. You had to meet your mom before you go out. We went together for a couple of years and I left Florida, moved to Georgia and that was my first date. And it was a very lovable. A puppy love. like you won’t come, but the other half of your life that deep. So that was the first date.

You know we all got a deeper story. But the first date… Some people still with their first date. I’m not still with my first date. It’s always another story I’ll add on to it. But it was pleasant.

I was probably 13-14. Why I call puppy love. You better been a puppy. But it was fun. You didn’t know no better. You know, get that feeling you get inside. I’m so in love and you go crazy. That was the first time.



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