My First Date

Oct 22, 2019

Your first date like? It’s like I remember what I thought was a date.

Back then … Living back then in South Carolina, and I think I was about in the seventh grade. We had a chaperone when it was a dance or something came up. If you had a date … His parents brought him, and my parents brought me, so we didn’t do too much of dating. I thought it was a date, and I was happy to be there because we live so far apart. We had to have a chaperone. So that was the first date that I can remember.

We had school affair. School affair we went to with chaperones. He was there, I was there, we liked each other, yeah. Yeah I thought it was a date. It was special like that. And he asked me to the dance and I accepted, right. But we couldn’t come together. We didn’t come together.

You didn’t want to go with Mr. Brown?

No, that’s later in life. That was later in life. So, that’s what I remember as a first date.