My First Date

Oct 22, 2019

Oh my first date, I was 16 years old when I first start dating because my parents. They were very strict with us. Only time you’d see your friend is you go to church on Sunday, or you go uptown on Saturday, not that you write letters. It was no telephone or nothing, no connect or nothing. So we would write a letter. You go and buy your stamp, and the envelope, and write letter. Then you wait for the mailman to bring your little love letter.

And then we meet up on Sunday at church, and we spend the day together. Then, like on a Wednesday night, you can only have company. A guy come to your house on a Wednesday night, no other night because you have to get up. You have to work, or you go to school. So they were very strict. And so we used to do that. And then when we go back to school, and that’s when we would see them every day, and we have a good time.

So, then he got killed on the road going home from church one Sunday. Uh-huh.

I was 19 when I meet my husband. And we had a beautiful life, and a beautiful love life together.

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