My neigborhood

Oct 18, 2019

I’m Joe and I lived in Little Italy when I was growing up. I came to New York City in 1957. I was nine years old and we were on the borderline of the West Village and Little Italy. Nowadays, they call that neighborhood Soho, but at one time that was Little Italy, and it was a very ethnic neighborhood. Virtually, everyone was Italian. The little delis were all Italian and a mixed background, ethnically. So, it was different. Either you spoke Italian or you got lost in the mix. I don’t know, that was … The late ’50s was an interesting … New York was a really different place than it is today. It’s not the same thing as what you see now. There were no Hudson Yards. There were no people … When I went to school, none of the kids lived in doorman buildings or anything. We all lived in walk-ups, or if you are really wealthy you lived in a building that had an elevator, but you had to push the elevator yourself. The buttons, because at one time, in 1950s, there were still most of the department stores, B. Altman being one of them, there was an elevator guy with a little pill hat. And he would sit in the elevators and every floor he would announce the floor and he would give you a synopsis of what was on that floor. So, that’s why you had to push the button yourself, as opposed to having a little guy tell you what to do. But again, it was different. Things were different. I will only tell you it’s changed. Obviously, the people who live in Soho now are on the wealthy side- But actually, my old building still stands, and I’m sure they’re paying a lot more than I paid when I lived there. So, that’s it.

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