My neighborhood

Oct 18, 2019

I grew up in the neighborhood after the GIs came back from World War … They wanted to father kids, and there’s a million kids on my block. They’re all white. There’s no blacks, there’s no Puerto Rican, there was no Asian, nothing. And that’s what I grew up with.

This was in Levittown, PA. It’s in Southern Bucks County. My father was a millwright in a steel mill. We had a million kids in our block. I’d come home from my school, I’d do my paper route, ride, throw my newspapers, about a hundred customers, and then when I did my collections we had … There’s all white people. I never saw, any blacks till I started to work in the steel mill before I went to college. I didn’t go on the Concorde. I didn’t live in France…

I have three brothers. They still live in Pennsylvania. Yeah. It was kind of boring for me out there, but I have one brother never left home. He’s lived with my parents till they died. He has the house. Yeah.

I moved to New York when I started work in the city. I lived in New Jersey, started working in the city at W. R. Grace across from Bryant Park and Standard brands and then Nabisco. I went and I got various degrees. I loved the city. It was diverse, not what I grew up with, a sheltered life. It’s just all white people, you know? Really, it was good to see everybody different. Yeah, it was. But that’s what I was exposed to. After World War II, that’s the way it was. So that’s about it, guys.