My neighborhood

November 18, 2019

I grew up in Haiti. My mother has four girls. She was very strict. You have to go to school do whatever you have to do, otherwise you got whipped. She’s very strict. Until 1966, I came here and start living with my husband. And my husband and I come together, and then we start living, we have four children…and we live our life…until he died. I divorced him and he died.

And then after 10 years I got remarried again.. and life going on. And then he became a playboy. I divorced him again. And since then I’m by myself. And then that’s until I get sick and then I end up here. That’s it.

When you moved to the U.S., did you move to Brooklyn?

Brooklyn. And then we stayed in Brooklyn until now.

How did you get here from Haiti?

How’d you get here?

My husband was in Nassau Bahamas. He sent for me. I take a boat. So he tell me to get… I get a boat from Haiti to Nassau.

Wow. How long did that take?

Five days.


And then my husband used to go to a lawyer. That’s why he got the visa.cSo we came… He sent for me, I got the visa and then we come here.

Syracuse sent for us and we went there, and the work was so much to do. My husband said, “I can’t do the work, I have to clean two houses. The one I live in, and their house. It was too much. I can’t do it.” And they said they going to send us back. My husband said, “You can send me back.” Because he know the work, they know how to do.

So we came to Brooklyn. We came to Brooklyn and then life continued.

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