Nancy Eder reads at Stories from Brooklyn and Beyond Showcase

December 12, 2020

Still young at heart, feisty in spirit. She raised two remarkable sons joyfully as a single mom. She retired from NYU, where she worked for almost 30 years in administration. She enjoys painting in the foothills of the Pyrenees and now writing and sharing life stories with five beautiful granddaughters.

So Nancy has been involved in the Morningside Life Story Club group since I believe June, and in that time it has been an absolute pleasure to get to know her. Nancy is extremely well-read and always seems to have a news article or opinion piece to recommend to the group. She is also a talented painter (I follow her on Instagram) and an all-around excellent storyteller and human being. Please welcome Nancy!

Tradition was transmitted in my family, stemming from a very orthodox Jewish grandparent…grandmother who was a cook, raised seven children, including my mother. And she was my inspiration for what became my tradition, which was cooking. As a young child at age three, I remember sitting by her side and watching while the Kosher butcher slaughtered the chickens and showed us the eggs inside.

And I went home with my grandmother and plucked the feathers off those chickens and learned about the anatomy of a chicken at quite a young age. My grandmother used those chickens and made chicken soup with the unborn eggs that most people don’t even know exist in a chicken and used the chicken feed also to add flavor and make a wonderful base for a chicken soup for maybe 7 to 10 people.

The other meal that she made which I still make was roast duck, and roast duck is the kind of specialty that Hungarians make with Hungarian paprika and garlic, which filled the kitchen with its odiferous smells, and stayed with me all my life. So that when my own children grew up, as they were growing up, I made the same kind of ducks that my grandmother did.

And though my children have not shown any interest in following those recipes, they do enjoy it when I make a duck for dinner to celebrate certain holidays, which were not generally celebrated in my family such as Christmas and Easter, or any Jewish holidays for that matter, because I grew up in a very left-wing kind of family.

But today, I would make a duck very readily and hope that someday they will ask me for the recipe or else they will establish their own traditions and continue on from there. Meanwhile, raising children and having duck for dinner has been a wonderful aspect to my life. Thank you for listening.

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