On Family

I’ll give my response in two parts. One, when I was a baby, when I was born, our house was intact. The family was intact, father was living, mother was living. But as the years passed, it is as though a bomb had been detonated and tearing us all apart. Now the house itself was built about, well, when my brother, oldest brother was very small and it was given by my grandfather to my father and his wife. And at that time the house was, it’s was new in 1934, so before I was born. And then the bomb went off and everyone went their own way. And the other day I was looking at some real estate on television, and one of the houses that cropped up was the house that I was born in. I was about 21 or so, but at that time that when it cropped up on television, it was in shambles. And they said some of the floorboards were missing and it was sold for $24,000. That’s a very small sum. It’s in the Louisiana area.

I have one brother who was a physician, came to no good, no good end. And my eldest brother also, we all went our own ways. And we sold the house after my father and mother died. My father died, my mother remarried and had a relatively unhappy marriage, the second. And then my second father died. The family was just not together. It was not intended to be an intact unit, but I have, I don’t know why, but I have come into a vision of me in my life.

The other part of the story is, is that my life has been as though it were lived by several people. I grew up, I didn’t know what I was doing. I went to several countries and didn’t know what I was doing. I taught English, I didn’t know what I was doing. And then I gradually came to see that I gradually changed, and I feel that my life now is much more together than it was when I was growing up. So I’m working on a project now that’s got my full attention, but that’s about it.

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