On My Birthday

Feb 17, 2020

Everyone, today is my birthday. I’m 69 today. My birth mother gave me up for adoption right after I was born. I found her I did a search for her and I found her. I look just like her and my grandfather. It was a big of a shock for me because I had never seen anyone who resembled me.

She found my father and the three of us had lunch together on Valentine’s day. I met my birth father. What an amazing experience. I look nothing like him. He’s a little German guy. If my mother had kept, she would’ve named me Erica Muschenheim. He was a short chubby guy with red hair and freckles.

So anyway, she died in 2007. I was so devasted. My aunt, who I hadn’t met yet, called me and told me my mother had died the night before. I was so devastated that I had a second stroke. No kidding. So, you know, it was kind of alright because I found her and met her. And my mother was such a character, oh my god. And she was short, she was shorter than I am. She was 4’11, she came up to my chin.

So I found her and met her and my father. An absolute moment of fulfillment for my life. What a thrill.

My grandfather had been an actor and then he became a professor. He taught theater to young ladies at Smith College of all places. So my mother showed up pregnant and they had to get her out of town so they sent her to Florida to stay with her aunt, where she had me. And I found her.

I was about thirty when I found her. And it was such a thrill, my god. Being an adoptee. You can’t imagine being an adoptee and never seeing anyone who resembles you biologically. And then when she died, I was so devastated I had a stroke.