This is Mirta. When I was growing up, my mother used to say, “Oh, you’re like the tiger, you little girl.” 

Mother only had one television. And my brother and I, he was two years younger than me, he used to watch cowboys and boys, and I used to like to watch other things, you know, that had to do with girls.

She would tell him, “You have the television in the morning and your sister has it after the cowboy shows are over.” 

And one day, to me was past time. And I said, “Mom, it’s my time, and he’s still watching cowboys and Indians!” 

And mom said, “Relax, little girl, just let him finish, ok?” 

And I got so angry, and I feel so bad when I think about it now. We were living in a railroad apartment. You know what a railroad apartment is? Yeah. So I went running from the kitchen, through the living room, jumped on him and started beating him up! 

My mother had to run and say, “Girl, what are you doing?!” 

My brother was trying to protect himself from me, because I was a strong little girl and he didn’t want to hit me back. And she had to pull me away from my brother because of the one television that we had. 

Today we’re spoiled. Everybody has a television in every room, huh? I have one in my room, I have one in my bedroom and I have one in the little room that I have. And my daughter has one, two – she has also three. So we don’t fight about “I want to watch this and I want to watch that.”

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