Oct 8, 2019

I like doing a lot of different things, I do cooking, I do cleaning. But my favorite thing is sports. I’m a competitive sports person. I participated in a lot of sports when I was growing up. I did soccer, table hockey. But my favorite thing was handball. I would play handball all day long, from sunset to sundown. Because I was competing with people, and they said, “Oh I can beat you.” And I would say, “Oh yeah?” So you know, I was just competitive. Any sport I would participate in I would be competitive. Volleyball, anything, I was on teams in school. Bowling, all of that stuff. I was very active with that.

Now I’m not doing that much, but now I’m into several activist groups.5th avenue committee, I’m worried about the community, global warming, climate change, I’ve been involved in all those protests. I’ve been to Albany about three times, last year and the year before last, we complain about different things to for these organizations and we want the governor and all these people to get involved. We met last week with Lydia Vasquez and Joanne Simon, our congresswoman and our representative. This was about housing. What they can do to save NYC housing, what part they can play in this. They are in support of us, so we’re trying to partner with different people to help us save where we live. So I’m involved in that. That’s what we’re doing, trying to save where we live. They can build millions of buildings, but don’t take away from what we have. We human beings, we live here too. Don’t forget about us. That’s my motto – do whatever you want, but don’t forget about us, because we’re still here.

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