Peaceful Moments in Wisconsin

October 8, 2020

I graduated from George Williams College and they had a campus. And they still have the campus, but it’s affiliated with the Aurora University in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and that’s my place of peace although I don’t go up there very often. It’s on the Lake and the main administration building faces the Lake, and there are rocking chairs on the porch. And it just is so peaceful when you look out into the water.

When I was in college, we had a class called September camp where we did a lot of outdoor education. And then later on when in the ’80s I belonged to a folk dance group and where we go for our retreats is Lake Geneva at George Williams College. So it was just a remembrance … and nature, it’s a beautiful place for peace. A friend of mine and I, every year we had a goal of trying to walk all the way around the Lake, but we didn’t do it all in one shot. We would go a distance and then come back. And then the next time where we ended up, we would drive our car and go to the next round. But she moved away to Washington so we weren’t able to finish it, but some people do it in one day. But we just had so many other things for dancing and things like that so our time was limited. And we would usually do it on Saturday afternoons. So whenever I go into Wisconsin in that area, I always have to stop by, get out of the car and sit in the rocking chair and just look out to the water and enjoy life and peace. So that’s my story.

And this was in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Williams Bay. And it also has a lot of … when you take the walk, there are a lot of mansions and so you have to go through different people’s land to get through and there’s really no path. So you kind of go in and out but people do that all the time. And the other thing is that when I was in September camp, we would go canoeing on the Lake. And so one time when I was getting into the canoe, I bruised my leg and I had a bruise that was about this big on my leg. And so I always have to go and sit on that pier where remember that moment of going canoeing in the Lake.

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