Salami & Eggs / Broccoli & Eggs

When I was growing up in the Bronx, my parents cooked this for my sister and for me and themselves, and they would serve it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It just reminds me of the old days being with my family. And the funny thing is when I asked my sister who lives in Ohio, my cousin who lives in Texas, and my husband, “What do you remember? What did our parents cook for us in the old days? What do you remember?” All three of them said “Salami and Eggs.”

So what do we have in common? We’re all from Eastern-European, Jewish families. And it seems to be a common dish for that ethnic group. I’m pretty sure that Ben’s Deli in Bay Terrace has Salami and Eggs on their menu.

I made this dish when I was a teenager in the Bronx. And then when I first got married, I started to make it for my husband, and now I make it for my son too.

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