Sausage Gravy

I was born and raised in Ohio, the daughter and granddaughter of farmers, so I grew up eating sausage gravy. I think with the family economics, it was a way to stretch a little amount of meat and make it go a little further. It can be eaten over biscuits, mashed potatoes, or buttered toast.

I grew up eating this, but I had never really made it myself. During the pandemic, I tried to experiment a little bit with food because I was so bored at home alone. My mother did most of the cooking in my house growing up. I didn’t help out. I just remember eating. I was the baby of the family, so I was spoiled.

When I was growing up, this sausage gravy was made by my mother, my grandmothers on both sides, and my sister. Everybody made it. I’m proud of myself for learning to make it myself. I’m just thrilled that it came out okay, and happy to share it with you.

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