Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Friend

November 12, 2020

I got her when I was 20. We always had a dog. But mommy didn’t want it. And so when I got to be an adult, I bought myself a dog and that was it. That was Lucky. And she was my baby. She was my baby. She used to go everywhere with me. She was so smart. She would understand everything. When I was talking to my mom like, “Okay Mommy, I have to go to work,” or something, she will wait for me by the door thinking that I was going to take her. But when I had my first baby, mommy say, “Okay and now you can’t have a dog where there’s a baby,” so mommy took her. And but anyway mommy lived around the corner, so we used to see her every day.

She lived for 17 years. And by the time that she was sixteen and a half, she was having health problems. So I took her to the vet, and the doctor said that she had a problem with her kidneys, because she will just walk around the house, and she will not know, and she will just pee. So she said, “We can have her fixed a little bit with a surgery or something.” But she said, “You know what she’s almost 17, and that’s not a quality of life. And I don’t want you to spend so much money, so why don’t you put her to sleep?” I said, “No I can’t do that. I am sorry, but I can’t.” And she was like, “You know, you have to think about it. Think about it and let me know.” So I said “Okay, fine.”

So I went home. I said, “No there’s no way that I can put her to sleep.” But six months after she passed away naturally, and I cremated her, and when they sent me back her ashes, I couldn’t let her go. I couldn’t because she was my baby. She was my baby. And so, I had her ashes in my room for seven years. And when my mother passed away… She used to love the dog, too. When my mommy passed away, I buried her with her because she was my baby. But Mommy loved her, and she took care of her after I had the baby, so it was her dog too. So when mommy passed away, I finally let her go and have some closure.

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