School Stories

Feb 3, 2020

I taught in a school at 45 Broome Street. I taught in this one, but I actually went to the other school nearby as a child. I had Hebrew in the morning and English in the afternoon. I had a wonderful childhood. I had 40 classmates and I was friendly with people from other schools. I had my yearbooks, actually I still have them! I had lots of activities in the school, like creating your own clothes.

They tore down the one I went to to put up co-ops, but the school I taught at is still there! I taught typing and stenography. I never thought I would be teaching because I was busy with my classmates. I enjoyed what I did. I taught the high school. I never thought teaching was what I was going to do. I wrote essays. I was Orthodox Jewish, but I wrote about famous people and I admired a lot of the writers and activists within the black community. I had a typewriter in my house. It was a Remington. I didn’t type on the computer. My husband used the computer, but in those days I didn’t use one.

I was in my house, in my neighborhood, last year and everyone knows me. My father was also born in the Lower East Side, same as his parents and his sisters. I had a very good life. I’m still involved with my friends and family. I’m very connected to them, and they come here too. Although some of my family doesn’t know I’m here. My nephew, whom I’m very close with, doesn’t know I’m here. It’s been a really wonderful life. Do you know Knickerbocker village? I had a wonderful doctor there, near Chinatown.