Skiing in Europe

Feb 10, 2020

My husband and I were skiing in Europe. Actually it’s much tougher to ski in the United States than it is in Europe because you’re below the tree line and you have all those trees that you have to go around.

But we were lucky enough to be traveling in… was it northern Italy or Switzerland? We were caught in a snowstorm and I thought we would never get out, and this was scary. But we finally did get out because the troops, not troops that we paid for, but the troops helped save us.

What’s wonderful about skiing in Europe that’s better than skiing in the United States at least is that it’s above the tree line, because when you ski in the United States it’s much more dangerous because you have to go around everything. In Europe it’s a lot easier.

We were once trapped in a snowstorm. They let us stay in the cable car and we watched this terrible snowstorm. I was afraid that we would never get down from there, but we finally did, but troops saved us. I mean we didn’t save ourselves. But that was the most scary thing I ever did. Actually learning how to ski was pretty scary too.

I learned how to ski in the United States, which is much tougher than skiing in Europe. But I’m always a little afraid of everything physical. I don’t want to get hurt. Anyone who says that they’re not afraid of getting hurt is just lying as far as I’m concerned.

But skiing in the United States was very tough because there were trees all over the place and you had to ski around them. But the most wonderful place we ever skied in Europe, because it was above the tree line. You didn’t have to worry about trees, so that’s when I enjoyed it the most.