Something I Checked Off My Bucket List

April 15, 2021

I’d like to speak about is how I see myself now and into the future. And I like the idea of using the “I am” statements. It helps me stay in the present as well. So I am singing in the choir, dancing with the group at Unity. I am volunteering my time and energy, possibly becoming a chaplain at Unity, offering healing energy sessions using Reiki and therapeutic touch. I am photographing people and listening to their stories, and possibly taping them. I am healing. I am dancing. I am strolling. I am exploring. I’m climbing. I’m hugging and cuddling. I’m relating. I’m singing. I’m praying. I’m gardening. I’m cooking. I’m photographing. I’m traveling.

And many of these, I see myself doing with my daughter and/or friends. I’m gathering people together at my home, which has a big lawn. And we are gathering to share what’s going on in our lives and to laugh. We are laughing. And we are sharing humorous events that have happened. We are planning future dates to the Nelson-Atkins Museum, to the Loose Park Rose Gardens, and to many of the fountains that Kansas City, Missouri is known for. Let’s see. Well, we’re just doing a whole lot of fun things. I’ll stop there. Thanks.

Oh, I forgot to say I’m writing. I’m doing a lot of writing. And I see myself writing about my what are called clairs: clairsentience, clairvoyant, and clairaudient experiences. I haven’t put those on paper yet, but I think that would be interesting for my family and friends to know about and maybe remind them that they might have had these kinds of experiences too. Yeah, I see myself…I’m in two poetry classes right now. And of course, I’m in this wonderful vitae story club with y’all. Yeah, I see myself getting more active, you know, the climbing, strolling, exploring. And as the COVID pandemic wanes, I see myself hugging and cuddling more.

And I do…I am involved with Unity Church in big ways. I’m involved in the course for miracles, and in a prayer circle on Wednesday nights, which is wonderful. And we pray specifically for specific persons and also for the world at large, what we want to see changed. And it feels really good to be part of that group. And I’m in metaphysical Bible study right now. And I’m also in a book club with Unity, which right now we’re studying the dynamics of prosperity, of all kinds of prosperity by Catherine Ponder.

And let’s see. I’m growing. I’m gonna say I’m growing in terms of my way of being in the world. I’m actually working with a life coach. And I figure it’s never too late. Plus, I always wanted to be a life coach. And she’s a wonderful woman. She’s written a book called “Fearless…” I think it’s…let’s see, “Fearless Woman,” I think it’s called. And I’m studying and learning. And she and I will be meeting up for approximately six weeks, once a week. So that’s a long answer to your question.

Becoming a chaplain at Unity. I was going to study to be a chaplain back in Maine. And it was a three or four-year program, and I just could never wrap my brain around it, or my heart. And now I can learn some basics in under a year with Unity. You know, and because I think there’s a lot of people who have been suffering, especially now. And I just…I believe that I can offer listening, praying, and some counseling skills.

And as I said, I am signed up to start choir at Unity because I love to sing. I just have to have two strong people on either side of me. You know, and then also dance. There’s a dancing group that’s gonna start up. So these are imminent and exciting. And I also said healing. I’m going through some stuff now. You know I had COVID. It’s in my back…my rearview mirror. And I’m getting weller and weller all the time, but…and, I’m going but-less this year. And I am feeling better and better and just healing is now and it’s in my future.

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