Spectacular Vision

Feb 6, 2020

Several years ago I noticed this phenomenon. I would go in the bathroom, and without turning on too many lights, I would look down in the bowl. If I had been reading, I saw the letters, like the letters, appear in the bowl.

But it wasn’t scary. One time, I just kept going like this, and one time I had been watching a movie, something about fighting and combat, and I went to the bowl again and what popped up was, it was like a dream, or a vision, or something in my collective subconscious. I saw, up here and down here was a great big battleship with all the soldiers and all who are going to fight the next day. They were attending mass, and there was a priest there saying mass. They were all gathered around and had glum looks on their faces because many of them were going to die the next day.

Now this lasted about, I guess, three or four seconds. I’ve never experienced anything like that before. It wasn’t a scene from the film I was just watching, no, it was separate. I have noticed that if I am seeing a movie about the West, about the cowboys, it’s likely that when I go to the bowl, I will see a scene that might have been related to the movie, but it was not the movie. It was just something from my imagination or subconscious. I don’t know. It was a very interesting.

If I’m at the house where the lights are under my control. It’s when they are very dimly lit, it’s on my subconscious, or whatever it is, can project. But it doesn’t last for more than two seconds, three seconds. Sometimes the faces are there, and the faces change. They morph into one another. I’m waiting for it to be scary, but it never is.

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