A Football Wedding

Everybody got married in January. And on the seven there was a hurricane and, well, the church that I was getting married in was on the corner. And yet the limo and no, it didn’t show up. If it wasn’t for an uncle who lived in Connecticut, I would have had to walk up to the church, which was on the corner. 

My husband was in the service. He was coming home on leave and they were going to be shipped out to Korea, so we wanted to get married before he shipped out. And my parents were from Italy. I have two papers that we took out applications to get married. We had to take a Wasserman test to get married. I have the papers, but I changed my mind at the last minute because I couldn’t do it without going to get married in church. So we just let the papers go and we waited and we made a plan. On his first leave, we would get married. And that’s it. I had a football wedding. 

It was called a football wedding because it was in the house, we served sandwiches and were no decorations. You didn’t have a band. We took my mother’s room apart. Her bedroom was the biggest room that we had in the house. And we took that apart and put it in one of the other rooms, and that was it. And so they used to call it that, especially on Mulberry Street, which where I came from. They called it a football wedding.

The marriage lasted until he passed away. But it wasn’t a wedding where all the memories from that wedding were the most wonderful thing. It wasn’t. It was pouring. There was a hurricane that day. The relatives couldn’t make it because they came from Connecticut and Jersey and all that. The limo didn’t show. 

But it was a good wedding. They say, when it rains, it’s a good wedding. And it was. We were married 38 years, and we had four children, and so everything was good. 

I had the traditional white dress, and it was cold. My neighbor was wearing a fur cape, which she loaned me for the walk to the church. I would have had to end up walking to the corner to the church in all that rain. I was on Avenue B, and the church was on Avenue A.

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