An Extravagant Wedding

My wife’s name is Rita. At our wedding, we had a catering hall, and there was 150 people there. And it was the works with an orchestra name. It had everything. What it didn’t have is the blessing of either me or my wife, because we didn’t want it in the first place. This was her mother’s doing. She said, “You’ve got to have a wedding and blah, blah.” So I just kept quiet. But we didn’t want it in the first place. 

They couldn’t afford it. They couldn’t any of afford it, but that’s their business. We were not consulted or asked or anything. Both of us agreed that we would have been better off if they just helped me get started in my business life, my work life and everything else. My first job and all that stuff. I could have used this very small amount of that money for help for both of us. It all went into the wedding. It was a wonderful wedding. We had bridesmaids, we had ushers, a movie star wedding. But when I look at the pictures now, and by the way, the only one that’s alive in that album is me. The entire picture album. Everybody’s gone. And when I look at the memories of the wedding, it was nice. 

But if we had a choice, we wouldn’t have done it. Wow. We just wanted to be married. I didn’t need the frills. We had tuxedos and the whole business. She went nuts, my mother in law, but there is a reason behind it and that reason is very sad.

Our wedding took place shortly after World War II ended. We got married January 1, 1949, and the war ended in 1945. And unfortunately, my wife’s older brother lost his life at the very end of the war, at 20 years old, right at the tail end. It was just about over, and he got killed in Germany. I think this is a big reason why the mother and father wanted this thing, and it’s a very big reason why I kept my mouth shut. I just kept quiet. I figured they needed to go all out on this celebration after the loss of their son.

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