The Cranberry Sauce Recipe

When I was young, my mother had a lot of recipes written down, but she didn’t have the recipe for cranberry sauce. So one day, I asked her if she could please give me the recipe so I could write it down in the book so I would have it for when I got older. And she said I didn’t need the recipe because our family recipe was on a package of Ocean Spray.

The story goes–and I tend to believe it because other people in my family said it was true–many years before I was born, my grandmother made cranberry sauce, and it was delicious. She passed away many years before I was born. I never met her, but I loved her cranberry sauce.

She’d put it in a mold, and she made it from fresh cranberries. And when Ocean Spray came out with their packaged cranberries, she would get the package of Ocean Spray, and use those to make her sauce. So one day, she decided to write to Ocean Spray and tell them her cranberry recipe and suggest that they put a cranberry recipe on their packaging. She wanted to make sure people knew how to make it, because many people would ask my grandmother how she made her cranberry sauce. And so the story goes that ocean spray did put my grandmother’s recipe on the package of ocean spray cranberries, the fresh cranberries, and it’s still there today. 

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