Jan 13, 2020

A few things. But no matter what I did, teaching, nursing always believing giving people a fair chance. And I’m really good with young kids and teenagers. When they don’t have parents, I bring them home. Bring them home, they share what we have and they’ve grown up to be adults, a lot of them, and they still in my life. It’s always been important to me how children are treated. Some children are not treated well at all, and then they go someplace else. Everybody mistreats them because they don’t have this or they don’t have that; when we should always treat one another the way we want to be treated. Love and kindness. And like Ruth said, the most important thing is they know about the Lord Jesus. And Christianity has been a part of my life. All my life. I’ve worked as a youth in the choir. I ran the children’s choir. I taught Sunday school. I did a lot of things in the church and then God gave me my own.

And they’re wonderful. Oh, yes I always wanted kids. I wanted eight to 10 like my mother. It didn’t happen for me. I have three. But I have about 10 adopted kids who didn’t have parents.

One of them was here last year. I met her when she was 12. She was here last year. She 57 now. They’re five sisters and their mother had died in January of ’73 at Long Island College Hospital. And we wind up moving into that building after I got married in ’73 June on Livingston Street. I’ve always lived in this area once I started working. And they lived with three boys older than them. One was in jail, one was on drugs and the oldest one was at home and he was on drugs.

The father was 72 years old and the youngest daughter was eight. They were 8, 12, 13, 14, 15. It was really hard on them, so I started taking them with me wherever I go. And they became a permanent part of my life. I love children. I do not like to see children mistreated. I don’t like to see older people mistreated. Nobody who needs help should never be mistreated. Because when you do, and I’m there, I will get in on it. I will. I don’t like to see people mistreated just because they can’t do what you can do basically, that’s it.

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