Nov 1, 2019

I am, just to say, I am very interested in all the stuff because I can find out something very interesting, something piano or-Or it’s a poem, some, that thing.

Ming plays the… She plays the piano exquisitely.

Mm, was that you on the piano?

That was Ming. M I N G. Miss Ming. It was Ming, that’s right.

I am happy to come all the style because very interesting. And I like to do something is happening here. So I like line dancing.

Poem, but poems, I made a poem in Korean. Korean. But it’s translate yesterday for-I made this one is something very, is not go through so I, yesterday I went to my translator and that I spoke to her and she said, this is very difficult to translate because this is poem and my emotional inside. So very difficult to translate, she said. I can’t make yesterday.

But she’s working on translating?

It’s right. She’s a translate, but this meaning is not coming with the me. So this is difficult.

There’s something lost in translation. Right?

Yes. It’s good to start, I just-

So, where did you learn how to write?

Oh, this is not learn somewhere, because I come to here, she said, you poem, a poem class is okay. And I every time attending, but there is a different than me. My feeling and they feeling is speaking something is different. So I want to try to find out what can I do? And that I think about my all truths come out. This in my poem, don’t you? I think I don’t write anything. I, from my mind, come everything out. So this writing, when it’s Korean pattern over there they say, wow, you learn before? I say I didn’t learn any. And then she say something truth come out and then I-

Because I tried to this one and I writing, but she said more time too, is simple. So I want to try to English. Right now I try English. Because, English and Korean, I make this difficult. My emotion and the come back through.

Yesterday I tried to read the heart happen or we stop and I went to … So I went yesterday, they say, you are emotional. We cannot translate too, they say this is a very good meaning but they cannot translate.

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