Dec 2, 2019

All right. I was good at reading. I was good at reading. My mother, when I was already grown, she told me I taught myself how to read when I was three years old. That’s right. She used to read to me. I taught myself how to read. Yeah, evidently I looked at the books and I’d figure out what the letters were. I was a big reader. I like fiction. I like historical novels. I didn’t start reading mystery stories until I was older. My favorite historical period is probably when they wore hoop skirts and things like that. I would take books out of the library, and I found out later that the people who came in would ask, “What kind of books did Ruth Muller read?” And they took out the same books I read! I don’t know who told me this, but I know maybe the librarian or somebody told me. I like good writers.

I never was a writer. I was very shy and I didn’t like to put my thoughts down on paper. And I didn’t like to express myself either. I never thought I had anything interesting to say.

Oh yeah. I like to embroider, that was another thing. Needlepoint. My mother did beautiful things. She was very good with her hands. And so, she taught me how to do cross stitch and things like that. I had forgotten about it until now. Yeah. I remember the little picture I made. I was very good. I don’t know what happened to all those things.

I was also good at spelling. I remember the teacher would ask me how to spell something. I would picture it in my mind, and then I would spell it out for her. Also, I would like typing. I would like setting up things. I took a course. When I was secretary, of course, I took a course on how to set up letters. So I would center them. And people that looked at my finished work never knew how to do with what I did. Never knew how to center the letters. I worked for engineering, for lawyers. And they were never very good at spelling, and I always had to correct for them.

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