Dec 2, 2019

Pretty good at sewing. With a needle now, not on a machine. It’s harder than the machine, but my eyes are pretty good. I wouldn’t make clothes for myself, it was just sewing. Like for instance, if the hem or something would come out, I knew how to fix it. Or if a button fell off, for example. I would fix my family’s clothes if they needed it.

I also remember my father once told us… I was pretty good in spelling. But he said, “I betcha ain’t not a one of you,” and it was nine of us… He said, “cannot spell a word with a Q without using a U in it.”

So I tried and I tried and I tried and I tried. I couldn’t. But I found out there is a word with a Q without using a U in it. So I found out it was a word.

I remember the word:


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