Dec 2, 2019

Embroidery. I would draw the picture on the piece of material, and I would embroider it and then I would hang it on the wall. I’d hang them in my grandmother’s house. I would draw whatever came to my mind. A picture of whatever, flowers or trees, or whatever, and then I would embroider it. I prefer nature. I used to collect leaves and put them in a frame too.

I guess different people in my family taught me how to embroider. My mother would crochet. She made a beautiful window that you hang at the glass window. It had “God bless America” on it.

I have two boys and I have four grandchildren, but I never taught any of them how to embroider. It wasn’t that convenient because when they were little, I didn’t think about doing that. And I mean real little. I used to keep them when they was small sometimes.

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