Nov 1, 2019

Well, my teachers discovered, since I was in first grade, that I used to, and I didn’t know it for years and years, that I used to draw art and that I was good in art. And I didn’t get it. You know, I figured, little dolls and little of this, little of that. But as the years went by, I got better and better, you know, at art, and making faces and all kinds of things.

And so I thought, you know, as a young girl, I joined an art class, you know? So, the teacher said, “Well, you are very good at what you do.” So that’s how, then I got very, you know enthusiastic because a professional told me that I was very good. So I started drawing and I drew and I sold a few paintings. And I paint and…Now I been lazy for years now. I been lazy for years, though. I don’t do it anymore. I have-

Was it oil painting? What was it?

Anything, I… Anything. I love faces. I like landscapes or animal. Anything, you know. But now I’m so lazy I don’t do anything. Even make a line now. Like my husband used to say, “I wish I could draw a line the, you paint. You do these, I wish, I can’t even make a line.” He admired me for that.

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