Nov 1, 2019

I am a very good player of dominoes, very good, very good player and I had some tournaments going on back here. We traveled, when I was away…. We traveled lots and lots of places, but I didn’t know I was so good because I was that height when I started learning dominoes and I became a very good player and I get a lot of people back in the park or everybody and they call me, Mr. George. Mr. George.

But anyhow, that was one of my games I was very, very good at. But then over the years I became a very good player of the game, you probably may be aware, or not, cricket. I was a very good cricketer. I played in Barbados, I played in England and I almost lived there for…the guy called me, I’d just bought my new house. I was living in England then. My wife was working in the university, I was working in the… over there. Anyhow, I want to get back to it. I was working, we both was working but there weren’t no lot of money in it. She couldn’t give her job up. I had to look after the kids, so therefore we had children combined between us. She done the days and I done the nights it was a timing thing. I would come in, “bye bye,” “bye bye.”

Only on the weekend we get a chance to really sit down and you know, talk and get open and get… Oh the house was pretty open cause I mean I had three children from my wife and it means that during that time we were able to establish that kind of thing between us and maybe one or two neighbors we had that would assist here during that time. But those are two of the games, two things I do. I’m pretty athletic.

I am an umpire. A year ago I resigned from it because I got a little bit of back trouble and running up and down there wasn’t really good enough for me.

Do you have a team name? Was there a team name? For your cricket team?

Cricket team? Just, when I played it was in the Bronx, Soundview and I umpired for about 10 years, you know, not only with them. I was part of the umpire system. They would send you here and send you there, send you each and everywhere, you know? So you fulfill all of those little things while you’re around, but you know, it get me accustomed to people, you know, I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I’ve never done drugs. So when the games finish they drinking and they enjoying themselves, and I’m drinking some water or eating a lot of food.

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