Nov 1, 2019

Like I said, I had grandparents. My mother wanted to be a career girl. Now they had I guess what you call, that they old school. But we weren’t really truly raised. Like I say we, my three cousins and my sister. Kids were not heard or seen and she saw to it. Big apartment like a huge apartment, eight rooms, like a house. And she’d tell you to be still and sit in your room. She was somewhere over there sewing or what ever she was doing, watching you, making sure you didn’t move. We had no radio, anything to listen to. So as time went by, learned to listen to them, but that’s how we obeyed.

But I listened. He’d mention almost like I was thinking, yeah something that speaks to you when you’re by yourself a long time. So these kinds of questions, you know like, what you discovered you are good at or anything extraordinary. My grandma was a nurse, my grandfather a doctor, so we had nothing to say, but we were good at everything. So, that’s what I meant good at, our way of doing something. I don’t know what I wasn’t good at but we did what they said, then we had to get it right the first time. She would make you tie your shoe five times ’til you got it right so it wouldn’t break your neck going down the steps.

So I was thinking one thing I learned about myself, I was doing anything I wanted to do. I can finish it and I’m good at it. Now I do a lot of programs here, like singing and all the things. I haven’t studied for everything. I can do all those things. I don’t know where it come from but I guess I get along with people, and I get along with New Yorkers, and I know how to eat. I eat in a certain way that I can eat whatever I want and never put on weight. Like when you have a sore throat, some cinnamon and hot water. No one’s never heard me be sick. We know. They lived to be like a 110 or 109, up and down the steps. No, we never did. Never sick, never heard about being sick. It was only like a-

What did you say about cinnamon, what’s the secret?

Just some tap water. Your cold comes out. You don’t have to worry about it. I know, I come every day. No one’s a sick person, that I know of. And we would go to Central Park and teach us about herbs and how to collect them and boil, make their own cough syrup. So I think I was good at anything I set out to do. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Also, I learned a talent to get along with people. Do not say everything that you think you think you know. Be quiet. And no one ever see me sitting in place within the back. I have nothing to say about what ever anybody says. Not that I don’t care, but it’s their business what they talked to.

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