Nov 1, 2019

Well, I was a pretty good singer. Oh, yes. And it got me all over the world. I worked fabulous clubs. Madrid, where the place exploded when I… Let’s say I would do current tunes and stuff, and then at the end of the program I would do Sempre Libera, which brought the house down because I did it well. I trained with a star at the Met. A tenor, René Maison. I always did well with my singing. I worked at the Latin Quarter for a solid years. Three shows a night, seven days a week. The only way I got a day off was when they shot JFK, and they closed the Latin Quarter for the night.

But it certainly got me all over the world. The only place I really didn’t like was Australia because the English people had taken all their prisoners and sent them to Australia, so they were really nasty people. And it wasn’t fun. You know? I worked South Sydney Junior League Club, which was a… Part of the week they would do wrestling matches or boxing or stuff. And the rest of the week I would do a cabaret show, an hour and a half show. And then I would go to Melbourne, which is a very lovely city, and I would do television for the rest of the week. So it was interesting experience.

But it got me around the world first class and on the Concorde coming back. Which was a interesting experience. But I worked for American Express as a travel agent, and they said, “If you’re going to sell it, you’d better experience it.” So they sent me around the world first class, and I came back on the Concorde. Which was a very interesting experience because the laboratory was tiny and, you know, all these executives that I was sending on the Concorde, they were big burly men. You know, executives and stuff. And so I’d always tell them, make sure you go to the john before you get on the Concorde.

And they appreciated that because otherwise they couldn’t get into the lavatory. But life is funny what it does to you. Unfortunately it really was not a comfortable ride. It was two and a half hours from New York to Paris or New York to London. So it was a fast ride, and it got them where they wanted to go. And they had business they wanted to do, so…But it was an interesting experience taking it.

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