Nov 1, 2019

What was I good at doing? I discovered that I was actually very good at language when I was a little kid because… I don’t know, after World War II, there were a lot of immigrants in New York City and I learned how to communicate with them. They need…services that are needed, to try to broker one group to another group was absolutely essential. And they had a lot of suspicion of each other. There are a lot of diversity, but at the same token there was great suspicion and they didn’t think a little kid could be manipulative. However, I proved them wrong. But I was still able to broker some things and able to translate certain things. Obviously, not like a medical dictation person or simultaneous dictation. At the UN, they use simultaneously translators. Not that good, but I was able to convey one idea to the other, to at least get things working correctly or on the road to getting things working correctly. Ant that’s what I thought I was really good at.

It was mostly Spanish and Italian. Well, it just happened that my mother was Spanish and my dad was Italian, and so they spoke both of the languages at home, but I was able to know that there were three English, Spanish, and Italian. Yes.

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