A Paradise

Feb 10, 2020

Me? I’m just south of whatnot. It’s a paradise. You’ve got a little bit of this. You’ve got pecans. You’ve got Sima. If you ever eat that green, it’ll lock you up like anesthesia, so you had to drink a whole lot of water to get loose from that. You pick what you want to pick out on the field. Teenagers will be mischievous, but you bite it. It’s bitter, but it will lock you up.

Then we had sugarcane. Beautiful. We had cotton. We grow that. Then we had, what do you call it, apple field? And anything you’d grow. You could grow coconuts and what not. It was warm; you would grow watermelons. We have a nut, it was a native nut, you had to use the axe to crack through it. You don’t crack it in your mouth, you’re going to have no teeth.

Then we have the fishing creek. One day a pasture, or the hole was so big, just like that, and the beautiful gold fish come through. They have everything to your heart’s desire. Turkeys, chickens and all of this. Native corn and this and that.

When I travel overseas they have, when you exile, you blessed. It is beautiful. Exile is United States, you blessed. I see them.

Coming back on one trip, I look up to the elements, the moon look beautiful. The other stuff look beautiful, but down below you like little ants. There they have big ants. There we have big ants. We have big ants here. We have lady bugs. We have the beautiful birds in Georgia. One place I met was a most beautiful parrot, but that parrot tormented everybody. It was in your business.

One day I come across a crocodile. Their daddy and momma wasn’t far away, so my sister says, oh, look at that croc. The croc was no more about like that. In Georgia you have friendly crocodiles, and then you have most beautiful snakes. The snakes are poisonous. That’s where you get the venom from the snake. They make Heparin, the medicine to stop a person having blood clots. Heparin will thin it out. The blood units are different, but once the heparin’s in… You only could get small doses in the needle. You could buy pills, then the doctor give it to you. When you go to the lab that number has to come out right, and then you’re free. Sometimes you give an overdoes? Bye-bye.

One day I run across a snake. She was about that darn long, and big and just getting across the dirt road. The car hit it and he or she was going across into the jungle.

It’s a paradise. One older person said, “What you got now? You going to come home and live?”

I said, “Yeah, I’ll come home and live, all right.

She said, “Where is it?”

I said, ‘Right here.”

This is it: Exile. You see?

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