The Yellow Dress Incident

October 22, 2020

It was my eighth-grade graduation, and at that time I didn’t really talk about clothes or anything. At that time I had just lost my Dad the year before, so it wasn’t really anything special. So we went shopping for a dress and it was this yellow dress, this beautiful yellow dress with lace. And of course being the tallest girl in the class, you know, I didn’t think anything of it.

Well, it’s the day of this graduation and we get on the stage. And wouldn’t you know it, the girl right next to me has the exact same yellow dress on. So I thought, “Oh well. That’s what it is.” And that’s at the time when there weren’t any robes, so everybody got to see everybody’s clothes they were wearing. So luckily when they announced names, I was the first one that went across the stage. And then the next name was a friend, Patty. So to this day, I just laugh that both of us got the same dress and I was the one that got to go across the stage first. So it’s funny.

And I just happened to be standing right next to her. you just happened to be standing right next to her? Right next. There was nobody else with the same dress except for the girl that was standing right next to me. And we didn’t discuss it at all.

And my other quick story was, it was my confirmation year. And so, we had to wear a robe at church. So when it was time for a blessing, you had to go up to the altar and bend down for the Pastor to give the blessing. Well, I didn’t know that with this long robe on, that it got tangled up in my feet when I bent down. So when I stood up, I fell over in front of everybody. So every time I go up … well to this day when I go up to the altar I always think that I have to be very careful not to fall over when I go up for communion.

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