Historical Event

Oct 15, 2019

My greatest historical event was when Obama became president. Yes, I was so scared they was gone tell him… I was shaking all night. When they announced he was president, I cried like a baby. I was so happy because I’ve seen the Kennedy’s die, get assassinated, Malcolm, Martin Luther King. I said he not going to make it…Yes, I was so happy. Because if they can do it to John F., and his brother, they can do it to anybody, because I’m not going to say white people are the devil, but they can be some mean people. Anyway, that was my greatest.

Were you nervous for 8 years then? Because it could’ve happened then.

After the first 4, I’m lucky that he was all right.

He was a people person.

Oh, yeah. It was like he was everybody’s friend, everybody. He was cool, sing, dance, he partied. He had a good time.

Where were you on the night of the election?

In the TV. In the TV, yes I was. Oh yeah, it was the greatest night, for me.

Did you party afterwards?

Of course, during and after.

My other historical event was when we went to Buster Brown, my grandmother and I. And the man..you know the foot measurer they used to give you, the silver metal one? They gave my grandmother a piece of cardboard and a crayon and told them to measure my foot that way – we don’t do niggers in this store.

The way they talk to ya…

Buster Brown was a shoe store, a famous shoe store. Everyone wanted a pair of Buster Browns. When I was getting me a pair, my grandmother turned around and gave them a piece of her mind. Still…it was hurtful.

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