Unfair Treatment (Part 2)

Feb 12, 2020

There were always one or two boys who wanted to date me when I was younger. My mother was told “Your daughter has mail from one boy.” It was a problem. My mother told about it, and one day she said, “Anna, please look where you go.” The boy sent me mail from the Czech Republic. The boy was chasing me with his letters, and three boys in the KGB were chasing me on motorcycles chasing me for the letter.

My mom said, “You are going to get yourself killed, Anna.”

She had to tell people, “My daughter is not writing the Czech Republic! The boy is writing her.”

It was a big problem. My mother was told that I would go to prison if I did not stop. One time this boy from the Czech Republic had to travel. I went to my sister’s.

My mom said, “This has to stop right now.” This was in the year 1959. I was maybe 20 or 21.

One time I went into the post office and found this very nice statue or a girl and a Czech boy dancing. They were doing the Czech polka dance. He sent it for my birthday. The boy who sent it to me liked music and played violin. I did not get to keep the statue because it was taken away.

I met my husband later in America. I could write freely in America. I was allowed to marry who I wanted in America.