Wanda Shares at the Recipes from Brooklyn & Beyond 2021 Showcase Event

August 19, 2021

So now that we’ve heard all the wonderful recipes, I’m going to share some gravy to just add on top of all of it. It’s called Southern thick brown family gathering gravy, and it requires no prep, it’s no mess, it’s no stress, and it’s a very organic process that serves multiple generations. What you’re looking at on the screen is a page from a scrapbook that’s just about family, you know, who family are. And that stems from years of family reunions and family and friends, and just family gatherings from around the age of 10 most of them taking place in the summer right on up to the summer pre-COVID. So here we go.

And ingredients for a delightful all-inclusive family friends meet and greet. One or more farm-raised traditionalist, that’s the greatest and the silent generations born 1901 to 1946. One or more mildly seasoned baby boomers, 1946 to 1964. One or more spicy saute Generation X, 1965 to 1979. One or more robust caramelized millenniums Generation Y, 1980 to 1995. One or more gigabytes of sharp refreshing zoomers, Generation Z, 1996 to 2009, and one barrel of tender alphas, 2010 to 2025.

You can adjust the ingredients according to the existing crops for your existing generations. Additional ingredients, generous portions of peppery greetings, ripened with some pungent prayer, mouthwatering gratitude, and other delicious virtues. And here are the instructions and you can substitute as needed with any tasty free-flowing ingredients. Add bunches of sliced watermelon smiles, warm squashy hugs, lip-smacking honey kisses, mouthfuls of, “Howdy, hi, hello, hey.” Well done handshakes, gentle pats, smothered group hugs, and even pinches of bittersweet tears, while concocting mix and mingle boil, savor to flavor, simmer, cool, and settle naturally. Infuse with the servant of age, wisdom, and fruitful, matriarch prayer. Lay a generous portion of generational gratitude and drench with some good old hot greasy fried laughter. Sprinkle crystals of encouragement, inspiration, and kindness throughout the mixture and blend until thick and smooth, then glaze with a heartful of love. Pour gravy generously over all meals and activities, including travel. Now, this can be served with appetizer, entree, breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffets, sit down, whatever, and you can refrigerate the crumbs or the leftovers, but do not freeze. The ingredients are best when thawed. And note that the generation years used above are not universal and they vary slightly dependent on source of research. Now just go out and enjoy a tasty meal and just don’t forget this gravy.

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